Our Sourdough is vegan, meaning NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. Coming from a mother dough DATING BACK TO 1928, it contains simply flour, water, and yeast. It is naturally low in sugar and made with no preservatives.


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Read Susie T.'s review of Red Boy Pizza & Restaurant Ignacio on Yelp
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I'll say it again. The sourdough crust is awesome - a secondary treat in and of itself. Make sure to ask for a side of their delicious ranch which I understand is a custom recipie and is made in house. Also don't forget to try the wings which are delicious.  Be sure to try red boy and support this location in particular which works very hard during these covid19 times to keep take out orders humming and non-cooks like me very happy.

Ross H.

So delicious I forgot there was a Red Boy Pizza in Novato... I'm so glad I found it again.The pizza was so yummy the salad was delicious, the restaurant was clean andMatt was very helpful. We were A group of a mom a grandma and four kids under the age of four lol so We were constantly asking for something and Matt was There to lend a helping hand.It was so good I went back the next day and got another pizza!

Anita V.

You CAN NOT beat the combination of sourdough and red wine base red sauce on Red Boy pizzas. My favorite is the Devil's Dare. The ingredients are always fresh and the staff at the Novato location are top notch. The remodeled dining room is inviting and comfortable. THIS is the standard to which all other pizza's should be judged - at least in  the Bay Area.

Fins A.

Best pizza ever! Very friendly customer service and great tasting pizza. I come here with my family often. This place is my 5 and 2 year old daughters' favorite place as-well. Anyone coming here will have a great experience =)

Ca'los G

Great pizza! Got the 5$ slice of pizza with 2 toppings and soda. The guy working here was super nice and provided excellent service. Definitely coming back. The pepperoni and olive pizza was really good. Pizza came out extremely hot! Well cooked pizza: not burned, but crispy bottom, and lovely chewy golden crust.

Gina M.

It is our mission to source as many LOCAL INGREDIENTS as possible.

Our pizza sauce is MADE FRESH IN-HOUSE using California tomatoes and red wine, with more spices than you care to know about! We use 100% REAL CALIFORNIA CHEESE. We offer a local gluten-free crust made with rice, tapioca, and potato flours. Our pesto sauce does not contain any pine nuts or MSG and is non-GMO. Join us on our journey to PIZZA GREATNESS.

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